Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fun in the snow!

Yesterday...Today! Snow!

What a handsome snowman!

Snowball Fight!


Missy said...

Thanks about my kids. I think your kids are adorable. I love the red head. We moved up to Casper in August. We moved from Provo. Where are you at? Your house is cute. I can't wait until we have one of our own. I have read little bits of the things Rachel puts up on her blog. I am so excited to buy a copy of her book. I think it is so exciting. I get to see your parents every Sunday. They are so cute and I love your Mom's lessons. I hope we get to see you.

Jason and Amanda said...

more pictures! good job. Nice snowman.

Amy said...

Snow is fun! I don't like shoveling it or driving in it or walking in it, but it is fun to play it.